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Finding Your Measurements

Finding the perfect fit is our expertise! We’re here to help you guide the world of sizes and measurements. From jackets to coats, we’ve fetched with our comprehensive size guide. Say goodbye to guessing and hello to a perfectly tailored outfit.

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Measuring your chest is the first step in selecting the right jacket. Take a measurement at the widest point of your chest, under your arms. The tape should be an adequately snug without compressing your chest. Choose a size up, +1 size up if you want your jacket to fit loosely.

How to Measure Your Body for a Perfect Fit:

(A) Chest/Bust: Using a firm, level tape measure, do a circumference measurement. To obtain the measurement, place the tape measure’s one end at the widest area of your chest and wrap it around, under your armpits, behind your shoulder blades, and back to the front.
(B) Waist: Take a measurement around your waist. At your natural waistline, which is situated above your belly button and below your rib cage, use the tape to make a circle around your waist (much like a belt would).
(C) Sleeves: Measure across the start of your arm (the end of your shoulder) to the wrist. It’s better to stand straight before taking measurements.
(D) Hips: Take a measurement of your hip circumference. Wrap the tape measure around your back, around the other hip, and back to the starting point, starting at one hip. Ensure that the tape covers the majority of your buttocks. Try doing it in front of a mirror because it can be difficult to ensure that the tape is level back there.
(E) Inseam: This is the distance from the crotch (the central part below the waist) to the bottom of your ankle.
(F) Shoulder: (measure from the back side): Lay your arms at your sides and stand up straight so that your shoulders are back. Measure around your shoulders. Measure along the top of the shoulder, just below the base of the collar, from the left shoulder point to the right shoulder point.

Note: To find your size, measure your chest (circumference) with a measuring tape and compare your measurement to the chart.

For e.g., if your bust size is between 42 to 44, select a  Large (L) size.

Note: To find your size, measure your bust (circumference) with a measuring tape and compare your measurement to the chart.

For e.g., if your bust size is between 33 to 34, select a Small (S) size.

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